Ottocast U2 Air Wireless

The Ottocast U2-Air wireless CarPlay adapter is a handy little device for adding iPhone connectivity to your car’s infotainment system. Plugging into your USB port, it uses Bluetooth to create that familiar CarPlay experience without any wires. It’s easy to set up and connects quickly every time. Performance is very smooth, letting me seamlessly access music, maps, messages and more on my touchscreen. The U2-Air is designed to be compact so it doesn’t get in the way. I also appreciate the second USB port for charging. For a fuss-free adapter that simply brings CarPlay to your car, the Ottocast U2-Air delivers. In my testing, I’ve been impressed with the U2-Air’s reliable wireless performance. It automatically reconnects to my phone quickly whenever I start driving without need for frequent troubleshooting. Lag is minimal even when streaming audio from various apps. The interface remains responsive when tapping through playlists, adjusting volume, looking up directions, or handling calls on the fly. The streaming signal also seems strong, as I’ve had no issues with dropout or interference even when my phone is in a bag or back pocket. Physically, the Ottocast U2-Air has a nondescript black plastic design that doesn’t draw attention. Its compact rounded rectangular shape means it fits unobtrusively into that narrow gap between seats and center console. The included cable measures almost 5 feet, providing flexibility for how it can be positioned. Two status LEDs make it easy to confirm connectivity. For those seeking to neatly incorporate iPhone features on their existing dash display, the Ottocast U2-Air checks the boxes.