AutoSky Pro Slim

As its name suggests, the AutoSky Pro Slim stands out for its slim minimalist design that discreetly integrates into any vehicle. But this adapter’s low profile doesn’t mean low performance. It still pairs quickly and smoothly brings Apple CarPlay features like music, messaging, maps and more to your dash-mounted touchscreen. A small display shows connectivity status at a glance. While priced higher than competitors, the AutoSky Pro Slim combines wireless CarPlay convenience in a uniquely compact and unobtrusive housing.

Measuring just 0.6 inches thick and roughly the footprint of a credit card, the AutoSky Pro Slim is engineered to enable flexible positioning inside cars. An attached 3 foot cable allows ample length for plugging into a rear USB port then tucking the adapter itself close to the dash display it mirrors. Four integrated antennas ensure reliable streaming from this slim form. A top-mounted OLED screen reports connected status, vehicle battery level, and device name when paired.

Despite its slimline design, I’ve found streaming performance remains fast and fluid when using wireless CarPlay features in the AutoSky Pro Slim. App launches quickly, taps register responsively, and audio playback is distortion-free over long periods. My phone initially pairs in under 10 seconds thanks to the adapter’s Bluetooth 5.0 support. Everything connects automatically again upon vehicle start. So while compact, the AutoSky Pro Slim retains full CarPlay functionality.